SportsControl® O.R.S.4Sport (rehydration solution)


- Low energy sports drink with high salt content
- Stimulates rapid absorption of water and electrolytes before, during and after exercise
- Fast rehydration following exercises that generate a large amount of sweat loss
- 'Loading' of additional water prior to an endurance exercise performed in a warm environment

- Lemon
- Orange

Maltodextrin, Sodium chloride, Potassium citrate, Sodium citrate, Magnesium citrate, Acesulfame K, flavouring (orange).
With sugars and sweetener.

SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport is a low-calorie oral rehydration solution (O.R.S.). This sports drink has been especially designed so as to quickly restore the water and electrolyte balance in the body after heavy exercise resulting in a significant degree of dehydration due to water loss through transpiration (reduction in body weight of >2%).

One litre of SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport provides a total of 2.74 grams of electrolytes (Na, K, Mg, Cl) of which 1.97 grams consist of 'salt' (~sodium), mixed with a small dose of glucose in the form of maltodextrin. The combination of sodium and glucose enhances the absorption of water in the small intestine. SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport, when dissolved as described in the instructions for use (see below) in tap water or bottled water, yields a hypotonic oral rehydration solution with an osmolality of ~225 mOsm/kg.

Because of the high concentration of sodium and the ideal hypotonic osmolality, SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport is particularly suitable to ensure rapid absorption of water and electrolytes into the body. It is generally known that long-duration exercises, in particular in a warm environment, can lead to a significant degree of dehydration due to excessive sweating (reduction in body weight of >2%). This is accompanied by among other things a reduction in blood volume, cardiac output, and blood flow in the muscles. It is therefore essential to quickly restore the normal water balance and hart function in the body in view of an optimal recovery. In this perspective, SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport is, thanks to its ideal combination of water, sodium and glucose, an excellent oral rehydration solution. Considering its high salt content (x.x grams per litre), SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport is less suitable as standard sports drink for general fitness training within the context of fitness and health. In this respect, we recommend to drink SportsControl 2Win. This thirst quencher has a lower salt content (xxx mg per litre) and ensures optimal absorption of carbohydrates (~energy) (70 grams per litre) in the form of an ideal mix of maltodextrin and fructose.

Instructions for use:
General instructions
Its convenient packaging (powder sachets for 500ml), makes it very easy to prepare a large volume of ready-to-drink oral rehydration solution in one bottle of water of 1 litre (2 sachets), 1.5 litres (3 sachets) or 2 litres (4 sachets).

After exercise
Recovery from dehydration requires the intake of large amounts of water, i.e. at least 1.5 times the net weight loss after exercise. For example, a person who shows a net weight loss of 2kg at the end of an endurance exercise will have to drink at least 3 litres (2kg x 1.5) of preferably salt-rich water within the first 4 to 6 hours of recovery after exercise. It is advisable to first drink a recovery drink in the form of SportsControl Recovery or SportsControl Recup Gold immediately after heavy exercise. Afterwards, a consistent use of SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport, possibly combined with SportsControl 2Win in order to absorb sufficient carbohydrates, will help to quickly restore the water and salt balance in the body.

Before exercise
In the event of a long stay in a tropical climate, i.e. a warm, humid environment, there is a constant risk of chronic dehydration and evolution towards a 'negative electrolyte balance'. This may have a negative impact on training and sports performances of various kinds, among other things due to an increased risk of cramps and injuries. That is why we recommend, within this context, to use 1 to 3 doses of 500ml of SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport per day as a preventive measure in order to maintain an optimal water and electrolyte balance in the body. Given that the body is usually somewhat dehydrated after a night's sleep, it is advisable to start drinking SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport at breakfast. On the other hand, it is also an ideal drink to be consumed just before training or competition so as to 'prehydrate', i.e. store additional water in the body. As far as this application is concerned, it is recommendable to use 1 to 2 doses of SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport spread over the last 2 hours before exercise, including warm-up.

During exercise
For standard use during exercise in a warm environment, we advise the use of our thirst quencher SportsControl 2Win. However, for people who produce very salty sweat during exercise, the so-called 'salty sweaters', (can be identified by white 'salt marks' on their skin and clothing after exercise), it is advisable to take extra salt in the form of SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport during long-duration exercises (>3 hours). They can do so by regularly drinking a dose of SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport in combination with SportsControl 2Win instead of regular water, or by adding for example 1 to 2 coffee spoons of SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport per bottle of 500ml of SportsControl 2Win in order to increase the salt concentration of the sports drink. During ultra-endurance exercises in a warm environment, such as full triathlons, a consistent intake of additional salt is by definition recommended.

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