SportsControl® Recup Gold (recovery drink + leucine)

Recup Gold

- Professional recovery drink
- Ideal mix of carbohydrates, hydrolysed proteins (PeptoPro) and leucine (BCAA)
- Enhances muscle recovery
- Stimulates the formation of carbohydrates and proteins in the muscles
- Fast recovery after intensive endurance and power training


Maltodextrin, Dextose, PeptoPro, Leucine, Aspartame, Flavouring (lemon and pineapple).
With sugars and sweetener. Contains a source of phenylalanine.

SportsControl Recup Gold is a high-quality, high-calorie recovery drink (363 kcal per 750 ml) with a base of carbohydrates, PeptoPro and leucine. The detailed composition of SportsControl Recup Gold is specified in the table below.l.

Composition per 750 ml of solution:
- Maltodextrin: 45 g
- Dextrose: 25 g
- PeptoPro: 20 g
- Leucine: 5 g
- Flavouring: 4 g

A 750 ml solution of SportsControl Recup Gold provides a total of 70 grams of carbohydrates of which 65% consists of maltodextrin and 35% of glucose. This high dose of carbohydrates is combined with a dose of high-quality proteins (20 grams) in the form of the patented PeptoPro.
PeptoPro is an enzymatically hydrolysed milk protein derived from casein. Contrary to the intake of normal proteins such as the classic whey protein, the intake of proteins in a hydrolysed form ensures rapid absorption of amino acids into the body. Besides PeptoPro as a particular source of amino acids, SportsControl Recup Gold also contains a large amount of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA's) in the form of leucine, a highly insulinogenic amino acid. The ideal combination of maltodextrin, glucose, PeptoPro and leucine generates a sharp increase in insulin secretion after exercise. Insulin plays a key role in stimulating glycogen formation as well as protein synthesis in the muscles after exercise, and is thus a crucial element in enhancing the recovery process. Because of the addition of leucine, SportsControl Recup Gold is a superior recovery drink compared to SportsControl Recovery. However, the ideal composition of SportsControl Recup Gold, obtained by adding a high dose of PeptoPro and more particularly leucine, comes at the expense of taste. Leucine in particular has a very bitter taste and can impossibly be neutralized by adding flavourings. For those who do not like the bitterness, SportsControl Recovery proves to be a worthy alternative. This recovery drink contains no leucine and PeptoPro has been partly replaced by whey protein.

SportsControl Recup Gold has been especially developed in order to optimally promote recovery after heavy training or contests within the context of intensive training or competition programmes. Heavy physical exercises such as long endurance training, intensive interval exercises, or power training cause a depletion of carbohydrate stores in the muscles (~muscle glycogen) on the one hand, and a breakdown of muscle proteins on the other hand. Repairing this 'damage' caused by heavy training is considered essential to the recovery process and a condition to achieve 'super-compensation'. In the event of high-level sports practice, recovery time between several trainings or competitions is often relatively short, thus making full recovery through normal diet difficult or even impossible. It is therefore essential to use SportsControl Recup Gold so as to achieve optimal training progression, or at least maintain performance capacity through fast recovery within the framework of endurance sports as well as power and speed sports. In the event of endurance training or resistance training, SportsControl Recup Gold will ensure optimal restoration of energy stores in the active muscles after exercise. In case of power training, the intake of SportsControl Recup Gold will provide an 'insulin boost' which will increase muscle mass and muscular strength. Because of its high calorie content, SportsControl Recup Gold is less suitable to be consumed after recreational exercises or physical activities within the context of fitness and health, the aim of which is usually to reduce or at least to control the body weight. In this respect, we recommend to drink SportsControl 2Win. This sports drink has a significantly lower calorie content (280 kcal/litre) and ensures a quick restoration of energy and water balance after exercise.

Instructions for use:
Its convenient packaging (powder sachets of 97 grams for a 750ml solution) makes it very easy to rapidly prepare an ideal recovery drink by adding one sachet to a bottle or 'shaker' with a volume of 750ml. SportsControl Recup Gold is a recovery drink and should by definition be consumed after exercise, never before or during exercise. The 'timing' of intake is very important. Given that the muscles are most susceptible to rapid absorption of glucose and amino acids as well as to their stimulation by insulin immediately after exercise, it is preferably to take SportsControl Recup Gold straight after exercise, for example spread over the first 15 to 30min of recovery. The longer the interval between the end of the exercise and the intake of the recovery drink, the smaller the impact on muscle recovery. After having taken SportsControl Recup Gold, recovery can be further enhanced by using our other sports drinks SportsControl 2Win and/or SportsControl WinErgy. In the event of severe dehydration, we also recommend to use SportsControl O.R.S.4Sport. Sportsmen who are going through a creatine loading phase can take creatine after intensive training by means of SportsControl Creatine Recovery, a combination of SportsControl Creatine Recovery and Creapure.

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